Experience Beyond Our Years

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YELL is continuing to expand upon how it supports its alumni and those who graduate its programs.

Upon graduating from our programs, YELL alumni enter a network of young entrepreneurial thinkers that are spread across Canada. YELL supports its alumni through connections, introductions, mentorship, development opportunities, discounts, curated news, and access to various entrepreneurial opportunities. Be sure to check out some of our Alumni Benefits.


YE Ambassadors Program


Amplify the

voice of youths who inspire us!

YELL's Young Entrepreneur (YE) Ambassador program invests in high potential entrepreneurial youth with the mandate to promote conversations around youth, innovation and entrepreneurship in their communities. YE Ambassadors serve as motivational speakers in their communities, they promote and inspire youth and educators to consider entrepreneurship and innovation programming, they become mentors to aspiring young entrepreneurs in YELL’s programs, and they will provide strategic input into YELL's youth entrepreneurship programming. As a part of the program, YE Ambassadors receive exclusive career development opportunities, including training, speaking & volunteer opportunities, and access to partner events and programs.

YELL Ambassadors