We are preparing youth for a radically different future


In mass numbers, youth today are not feeling equipped or prepared for their future. Anxiety levels are rising and the pace of change is being accelerating exponentially with the rise of technology and the connected economy.

According to the BC Ministry of Education (2016 Satisfaction Survey), each year, only 23% of graduating Grade 12 students leave school feeling satisfied that their education prepared them for a job, and only 38% are satisfied that it prepared them for post-secondary either (For example: college, university, trade school)

In polling our recent alumni, 1 in 3 self-identified with struggling with depression or anxiety, and 50% of those (or 1 in 6) had received an official diagnosis for depression or anxiety.


And how do you prepare for a job that doesn't yet exist and that will use technology not yet in the marketplace?

Enter YELL. We focus on training skills that help youth learn, adapt, and tackle challenges bigger than themselves.

We are equipping youth with the skills and the confidence that say "I have no clue what the answer is or how to do it, but I'll figure it out!"

While 23% of youth in BC leave school feeling unprepared for a job, this increases to more than 80% for youth who take our programming!

We do this by creating experiences that expose youth to the stories, skills, ideas, and technologies that have the potential to radically change our future. They learn the art and practice of solving great problems, and they learn how to turn an idea into a reality. 

Is Entrepreneurial Thinking for Me?

At YELL, we believe that entrepreneurial thinking is the foundation for youth to succeed in the 21st century. By the time youth reach their 20s, 63% of them will want to start a business, millennials today are switching jobs every 2 to 3 years, and many employers today are looking to hire those with entrepreneurial experience.  Yet few youth enter their careers with any formal training or studies in entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurial thinking is a valuable skill-set to help navigate an increasingly complex and changing environment. Consider the pressures youth face with advances in technology, increasing household and student debt, political uncertainty, and a loss in career and job security. Regardless of career path, whether you're interested in trades, STEM, business, arts, finance, athletics, or you have no clue yet, entrepreneurial thinking is a skil-set that will help you succeed.

YELL courses are designed to help students explore career paths and hear from diverse perspectives. Students hear from

  • Indigenous leaders

  • Entrepreneurs in the arts and creative industries

  • Tech & STEM industries

  • Leaders in the nonprofit, public, and civil sectors

  • & more!

A YELL course will give you resume building experiences that can either help you get a job, figure out your next steps, or significantly help you get into universities that use broad-based admissions.

Remember, entrepreneurial thinking = the art and practice of solving great problems.