YELL Venture Challenge



Each year YELL hosts its Annual Venture Challenge, the ultimate high school pitch competition.

Teams of students compete against each other for 1st place, pitching their idea to a panel of investor and entrepreneur judges. Competitors are comprised of students enrolled in YELL's year-long high school entrepreneurship courses.

The purpose of the YELL Venture Challenge is to

  • Build stronger community around young leaders

  • Make the world brighter by inspiring audience members and participants, while also challenging our collective critical and creative thinking

  • Test by fire, and so increase the resilience and courage of our young leaders


Students leave with

- A clearer picture of what’s next for them
- A better understanding of how entrepreneurs and investors evaluate a business, and why
- New connections
- New and powerful insights

The YELL Venture Challenge is also about creating random collisions between students, mentors, entrepreneurs, and those in the education sector.

Each year's Venture Challenge is unique, boasting it's own line-up of keynote speakers, activities, & more - be sure to explore our past Venture Challenges to get a sense of what might be in store!

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