Qualifying our Impact


Are youth ready?

According to the BC Ministry of Education, 77% of Grade 12 students aren't satisfied that school is preparing them for a job, and 63% aren't satisfied that school is preparing them for post-secondary education.*


YELL alumni are!

82% or more of our students reported that they were satisfied YELL was preparing them for a job in the future.

And we didn't do any resume training, job interviewing, or career fairs.

Entrepreneurial Thinking =

the art and practice of taking on great challenges


At YELL, we are dedicated to better understanding and measuring how our programs impact youth: what impact are we creating? How are we creating it? And why is it important? Below are some quick stats from our 2015-2016 Annual Impact Report. A new and revised report is expected fall 2018.



We Invest in Young Minds

And we are keeping great entrepreeurial talent in Canada






*2016 BC Ministry of Education Satisfaction Survey