How It Works


YELL is a neutral, non-political Canadian charity that partners with schools to support entrepreneurial learning.

YELL's flagship program enhances student learning experiences in pre-existing courses, such as Entrepreneurship 12 or E-Commerce 12. Students who complete these courses receive credits towards their high school graduation, gain experiences that are invaluable for broad-based university applications and admissions, and build relationships and connections with leaders in their community. Check out which schools and school districts we've partnered with to see if there is a program near you that you can take.


Just as teaching styles vary by teacher, so to does each YELL course vary by teacher, school, and school district.

YELL courses vary by

  • Time. In some cases the course will run on the regular time-table, in other cases, a YELL course will run after school

  • Location. It may be offered at your school, or you might have to travel to a school close by after school hours. In some cases, you may even be able to take it remotely using technology

  • Programming. YELL works with each educator to create a unique and locally relevant experiences for students

  • Assessment. YELL educators customize their approaches to grading and assessment to best suit the needs of the class

In general, all YELL courses

  • Give students credit towards their graduation

  • Feature cutting edge stories and ideas. YELL invites 10 or more local guest speakers into the classroom to talk about what they do and how they got to where they are today, while also engaging in a Q&A with the class. Speakers come

  • Connect youth to mentors. YELL matches groups of students to a mentor to help them come up with and then prove out the viability of an entrepreneurial venture

  • Offer one-of-a-kind experiences. Whether its a tour of a local company, a panel of young entrepreneurs, or pitching your entrepreneurial venture to investors at YELL's Venture Challenge - YELL creates experiences that further prepare and equip youth for the future.

  • Utilize YELL content. YELL educators utilize and build upon YELL's content and materials. YELL content is contributed to by YELL's network of content partners, and continually improved upon and updated by YELL staff, YELL educators, and student feedback.