FAQ - General

What types of volunteers is YELL looking for?

YELL is looking for entrepreneurial leaders across multiple communities in BC. We are always looking for mentors, guest speakers, and event volunteers. To apply to become a mentor or guest speaker please fill in our Application. To apply to become an event volunteer, pleaes Contact Us

I'm a student looking to complete volunteer service hours

We are a registered charity and are happy to verify your work with us.

YELL volunteer requirements

All volunteers are required to read and abode by a Code of Conduct. Both Guest Speakers and Mentors are screened by interview, and mentors go through additional security checks, including reference checks and passing an enhanced criminal record check to work with minors.

I'd like to recommend a great speaker or mentor for YELL!

Great! Please Contact Us and introduce us!

I’m interested in bringing YELL to my community

Please Contact Us and let us know you're interested. We consider support and demand from students, educators, and community leaders as we prioritize where we expand to next.

Charitable Donations

Learn more about donating towards our work, including how you can donate online and immediately receive a tax receipt!

Our programming expenses are fully supported by the generous donations of private individuals, foundations, public bodies, and corporations who believe in the future we are trying to create. Together, let's invest in young minds!

Partner with YELL

If you're interested in partnering with YELL please Contact Us and tell us more!

Inspiring entrepreneurial thinking takes an entire community and ecosystem. In order to deliver our programming, we partner with dozens of local accelerators, incubators, maker spaces, professional networks and associations, universities, municipalities, corporations, and more.

Press or other Media Inquiries

Please email us direcetly at

FAQ - Students & Parents

Who is YELL for?

The YELL-ENT 12 / E-COMM 12 course is open to students in Grades 10 through 12. Students must be able to commit to attending classes, working with a team of classmates to develop and validate a business idea, and competing in YELL's Annual Venture Challenge.

We're looking for students who possess a variety of backgrounds, skills, and perspectives. While entry to most YELL courses are by application, grades are not a primary consideration. We are looking for students who are collaborative, motivated and able to commit to the course, willing to learn, can take feedback from mentors and peers, and who have a desire to take on a real-world challenge!

Perhaps you're tired of learning theory, you're trying to figure out what to do after school, you want to learn how to put your ideas into action, you're curious about entrepreneurship, or you're eerily aware that you don't feel ready for what comes after Grade 12 - regardless, YELL is for you!

Will taking a YELL class help me get into post-secondary?

Absolutely! Many post-secondary institutions are now accepting students based on broad-based admissions - they're looking for students who take initiative, have a variety of experiences, and can bring something unique to the university. While tens of thousands of students across Canada will have been a sports team or student council, only 5 will have taken on the entrepreneurial venture you start with YELL. As such, many of our alumni have reported that their experience with YELL is what got them into university or helped them stand out in their scholarship or university application.

YELL works closely with multiple Canadian post-secondary institutions, many of whom have expressed a desire to recruit students with entrepreneurial experiences like those gained at YELL.

I don't want a bad grade in YELL to hurt my chances of getting into university

Well then, we've got good news for you! Universities only consider the grades you get in required courses, of which ENT-12 / E-COMM 12 is not one of. As such, it's not the grade you get that hurts or helps your chances of getting into post-secondary, it's the experience you gain and the work you do!

How do I apply for YELL?

First check if YELL is offered in your school or district. Applications must be made to the class you plan to attend. Application details can be found on our interactive map by clicking on the school district you attend.

If you're having trouble applying or can't find the relevant details, please Contact Us

What’s the application process like?

Each class has its own unique application and process. In almost all cases, the application is short and simple, and allows us to get to know you better.

Is this for me even if I don’t want to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurial thinking is the art and practice of problem solving. The skills you learn in this course will help you in your studies and career pursuits, regardless of whether you pursue being an entrepreneur or not.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to take our programs offered in public schools.

Do I need to have a business idea to apply?

Nope! The course will help you and your team with that.

Do I receive credits for taking YELL?

Absolutely! Depending on which school or school district you take the course in, you will receive credits that count towards your graduation for an entrepreneurship related course.

What if I have zero entrepreneurship, business or leadership experience?

That's okay!

YELL isn’t in my school district

In some cases you can enroll in a YELL class at another district close by, as long as you are able to get to the class on the day and time it is offered. Contact Us if you have questions.

And be sure to let us know you're interested in bringing YELL to you!

Are there are any pre-requisites


What can I do to prepare for the class?

Because course enrollment is often between January and March, you can try to attend our Venture Challenge in April/May and speak to students currently going through the program. We are currently working on additional prep materials for those keen to learn more!

If you're looking for some summer reading, check out The Lean Startup, The $100 Startup, or The Art of Learning

Some great podcasts include: The Tim Ferris Show, Design Matters, Exponential Wisdom, and This Week in Startups.

I’m super busy!

As are entrepreneurs! This class will help you with that. Many students who take YELL lead full lives. In YELL, you will meet and work with other like-minded students while learning from industry professionals and fostering your time management and problem solving skills.

I’m not interested in business school

Many of YELL’s alumni do not attend business school. This course will teach you the habits, skills, and mindsets that will help you regardless of what career path or study you want to take after high school. YELL is for any student who wishes to live boldly.

What happens after YELL?

Once completing the course, students enter our network and community of alumni! Be sure to check out our YE Ambassadors and how YELL is supporting its alumni in their next steps

As a parent, I've heard entrepreneurs don't go to university!

This is rarely the case. Most entrepreneurs stumble into it out of financial need, or they start a side hustle to pursue a passion of theirs while working full time.

While some of our alumni do choose to pursue entrepreneurial careers, YELL's courses are designed to teach the fundamentals of entrepreneurial thinking, to prepare youth for a radically different future. Every industry today will be radically disrupted in the next ten years, requiring youth who are entering the workforce to be adaptable, quick learnings, and comfortable with ambiguity and change. YELL keeps all career paths and journeys in mind, and brings differing perspectives to the table. Through facilitation, guest speakers, and mentoring, YELL shines a light on many professionals’ personal journeys and supports students in their post high school pursuits.

How does YELL work towards ensuring a safe environment?

We take your child's safety seriously. All of YELL's guest speakers are vetted, and visit classrooms during regular school hours with a teacher present. Additionally, our mentors are screened by interview, and go through additional security checks, including reference checks and passing an enhanced criminal record check to work with minors.

FAQ - Educators

How does YELL create its content and materials?

Our materials are updated annually based on feedback from teachers, students, and alumni. By working closely with our content partners, we are able to provide the latest entrepreneurship materials to you for free.

My class and school community is unique

YELL works to source mentors and speakers from within your local community and context. The course has been designed in such a way to allow you creative freedom to best meet the needs of your students.

Is there a cost?

We offer our programs and services to public schools for free. However, there are some costs you can anticipate to run the program, including TOC costs for field trips, lunches for students, additional classroom materials and supplies you may decide to purchase, etc. In cases where even these costs are a barrier, YELL works collaboratively with schools to figure out the best solution.

I have no entrepreneurial experience, am I still a fit to teach this course?

That's what our Guest Speakers and Mentors are for! YELL brings practitioners with entrepreneurial experience into your classroom, so you have the time to do what you do best, teach! But hey, you may have more entrepreneurial experience than you think!

What does YELL do to support learning and resource sharing between teachers?

When you join YELL, you join a network of experienced YELL teachers equipped to answer your burning classroom questions. Additionally, YELL provides classroom support time to help you better understand how to deliver the materials.

We are continuing to expand our training and professional development opportunities for our teachers, and are in conversations with multiple partners on this front.

I’m interested in bringing YELL to my school or school district

Please Contact Us and let us know you're interested. We consider support and demand from students, educators, and community leaders as we prioritize where we expand to next./p>

Can this work at a linear or semester school?

The short answer is both. The long answer is we work with you and district administrators to figure out which delivery method is best, as the classes we support run from September to June.

Does the YELL program meet the standards of the revised curriculum in BC?


Which courses does YELLs program integrate with?

Currently, our programs integrate with Entrepreneurship 12 and 11.

With the launch of BC's revised curriculum, our programs integrate with Entrepreneurship and Marketing 10, Entrepreneurship 11, and E-Commerce 12. In Most cases

In almost all cases, the decision is to run the course as a grade 12 class with open enrollment for grades 10-12.