Upon graduating from our programs, YELL alumni enter a network of young entrepreneurial thinkers that are spread across Canada. YELL supports its alumni through connections, introductions, mentorship, development opportunities, discounts, curated news, and access to various entrepreneurial opportunities.

If you are a YELL alumni and have questions about any of the benefits below, please Contact Us.

Alumni Benefits

20% off hotdesking

20% off your first year of hotdesking at RADIUS' downtown innovation space

A $3000 Scholarship

An exclusive $3,000 scholarship for SHAD (1 scholarship awarded for a YELL Alumnus)

25% off all orders

Entrepreneurs need to eat too! Now you can eat healthily and affordably!

20% off GrantMe Program

Motivated to get a great education and take control of your financial future? Students win an average of $9,100 in scholarships.

50% LEAP subscription

This 6 month online course will help you launch your next big idea!

A Juventas Scholarship

Apply for your chance to be selected for the Spring 2020 cohort! Access in-person learning ($5,000 value) on topics that women entrepreneurs need to grow.